• Cranio-Sacral is a subtile, non-manipulative, body-oriented approach. 
  • With a listening, attentive touch, the practitioner feels the cranio-sacral rhythm and encourages the innate self-healing.
  • During treatment, space is re-created around physical and mental tensions.  
  • It reconnects and optimizes the cooperation between the two hemispheres (between Yin and Yang, between feminine and masculine, between creative and mathematical).
  • It enhances the quality of life. 


 What is the Cranial - Sacral Rhythm ?

The cranio-sacral system is a physiological system, within which the central nervous system develops and functions. The central nervous system is protected by the cranium and the spine down to the sacrum, hence the term ‘cranio-sacral’.  

The cranio-sacral system has is own rhythms, such as breathing and circulation have their own rhythm. Yet there is a reciprocal influence between these physiological systems, as well as with the endocrine and musculoskeletal system. 


Every person's life is determined by all these rhythms, of which the cranio-sacral rhythm is fundamental. The cranio-sacral system expresses a tide-like motion, as a welling-up and receding, like Creation itself.  These phases and their rhythm can be sensed primarily in the cranio-sacral fluid and in the connective tissues. 


Practical information

A treatment takes 1 hour or 1,5 hours. After a verbal intake, you can take place on the massage table. During the whole treatment you remain dressed, preferable in natural and wide clothing. A dressing room is at your disposal. We also work in sitting and standing position or even with mouvements on the floor, depending on the necessity of the treatment. We work mostly in silence and add verbal support when needed. We work on the entire nervous system, the connexion crane - sacrum, the whole physical body, and the cellular memory.
Languages : English, French, Dutch, Spanish
Where :  Avenue de l'Université 61  1050 Brussels

" After every session I look at life different, vaster and more aware of my own force. I feel more relaxed and more on my own path. My headaches are gone too... Thanks Maria "




"Thank you Maria for your support and your neutral but loving presence. Thanks to your treatment I'm liberating myself of decennia of feelings of guilt and shame which I carried with me. A true rebirth, I'm talking new decisions and feel closer to myself. Thank you. ​"

"Apparemment c'est une ouverture des sens et une ouverture de la conscience.. j'étais complètement " bouleversée" par l'expérience que j'ai vécu avec toi. Je voudrais approfondir cette expérience et je recommanderais vivement aux personnes que j'aime de faire une séance chez toi...​"

"Zo diepgaand, laagje voor laagje naar binnen en naar het celgeheugen dat die pijn nog steeds beleefde. Bewustwording van oorzaken en een liefdevol loslaten van heel dat stukje levensverhaal. "


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Cranio-Sacral Treatments

What is Cranio Sacral Therapy ?


Cranio-Sacral therapy is a very subtile approach that supports and stimulates the natural ability of the body  to express health and balance. 

You can reconnect
with your inner sense

thanks to
Presence without jugement and to attentive touch

 …and in a profound Silence

you can
unnecessary conditionings

the  cells
and the tissues

You’ll open new choises and directions 

In a safe setting where body and spirit relax..​

Our Bio - Dynamic approach of Cranio-Sacral (following Franklin Sills) will mobilise your ressources to nurture your life force.​



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