Reflexology  Training

Training Course in Reflexology


We are happy to welcome you to our basic course in Foot Reflexology , an intensif course covering all the aspects of Foot Reflexology.  When completing this training course , you can give a complete Reflexology relaxing and nurturing treatment in a professional way. Moreover, you’ll learn a lot about your own health , your own life , and how to improve your wellbeing.  At the end of this training course you receive a proof of presence. 


You can also opt for the professional program and go for the exam. You’ll need to 

- follow the complete training course 

- follow the Training Rehearsal 

- establish minimum 15 reports

- pass the theoretical and practical exam 

When you succeed , you receive the O-KI certificate. 


Content of the Training Course  : 

  • Observation and discovery of your feet. 
  • Brief history ;  the general techniques , the possible reactions , the  indications and the contre-indications. 
  • The self-treatment.
  • Learning the different  movements of relaxation.
  • Learning the basic techniques : the introduction movements.
  • The geography of the feet , the projection of the human body in the feet , the vertical zones of Fitzgerald , the basic anatomy of the feet , situating the different bones to help you as reference to situate the zones.
  • Learning , understanding and sensing the different Reflexology zones of the feet. 
  • The complete basic relaxation foot massage. 
  • Basic energetic hygiene. 
  • The art of closing a treatment. 



This course offers you in a professional way all the requirements you need to give a beautiful and complete basic Foot Reflexology treatment. 


You’ll also need your personality, to be completely involved and attentive, learning how to listen what the feet are asking , a positif and constructive way to look at life , an understanding how everything is interlinked. 

When you invest in this training course , you will realize we can offer so much goodness to everybody we meet in life !




Practical information : 

Date and Timing 2019 :  Saturday 12&26 OCT,  16&23 NOV,  7&21 DEC : from 10 am till 5 pm.

With: Stefanie Van der Elst, reflexologist and teacher
Where : 61 Avenue de l’ Université 1050 Ixelles , Brussels
Price : 480 euros, including the workbook. 

Stage and Exam : 25 treatment reports + one day stage + pratical and theoretical exam + the certificate (75 euros)

Language: English, French and Dutch

Number of participants: max. 10 persons

Free Discovery Day : link to the page 



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