Reiki Radiance Treatment

Our treatments Reiki Radiance 


My vision: for me , Reiki is like an opportunity in which we open to receive a wider consciousness, a consciousness far greater and more peaceful then the mental plane in which we live.  Liberated of the excessive domination of our mental activity, we can then receive this wider and more peaceful consciousness in the physical cells of our body. It is not a flight away from life into a imaginary realm, but quiet the opposite:  a conscious descend of consciousness till the physical body itself. This process is exactly the evolutionary path of us all.


It comes in several steps:  The first step is always a spontaneous relaxation rising out of a deep sense of security offered by the Reiki technique. This sense of security and the relaxation of body and mind, makes us accept the present moment : the mental domination ceases. Being in the this moment opens the way to really sense what is (inside us) : we can accept our emotions which is the base for an inner harmonisation. 


The work on and in the body cells: We can then start the real work on the cells. Evolution is physical : real transformation is connected with the well-being of mind , emotion and the physical body. Real change happens when the body cells' consciousness has changed.

Every step in this therapeutical process is important and has to be respected in its fullness. This way, the uniqueness of the Soul breaths stronger and stronger in your daily life.  


If this message vibrates within you, you are most welcome. I'm more then happy to share with you the profound wellbeing offered by Reiki.  Bart




How is a session organized ? 


I welcome you and we have a talk about to which direction you would like to orient the session. Then you take place on the Reiki table, we make sure you are really comfortable, and we start the Reiki body session by the opening ritual. After you gave me permission, I start the different hand positions : on the body, or at a slight distance of the body.


The Reiki contact works progressively in a way that I sense the acceptance and need of where to apply the Reiki energy. The energetic flow is activated and you can relax completely.  We work general or on specific spots according to what we discussed before the session, and the need at present moment. During the work, I am a canal through which the Reiki energy flows.   

We end the session through the closing ritual as to ensure the work done, is anchored and grounded for your use in your daily life. 


Practical information​ 

A treatment takes 1 hour or 1,5 hours. After an intake and an verbal and visual observation, you can sit , or lay down on our Reiki treatment table. During the whole treatment you remain dressed, preferable in natural and wide clothing. A dressing room is at your disposal.


Languages : English, French, Dutch


Where : 2 practices : 1050 Ixelles and 1170 Watermael Boitsfort


Who : Two Reiki Radiance practitioners are at your service.



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