Voice & Shiatsu in Naninne

Welcome to our internship in the summer month of August in the Ardennes in a beautiful manor house in a large garden and large swimming pool!
An internship full of beauty, liberation, and inner openness Shiatsu & Stem with Bart Dierick

During 5 beautiful days we dive into Shiatsu, Voice Therapy and the fusion of these two approaches. Through Voice work we accept ourselves and free ourselves from the past. We grant ourselves the freedom to meet ourselves without the domination of thought. Through the practice of Shiatsu we stretch, we breathe more consciously, and we reconnect with our body and with the energy flow in the meridians.

Practical :
With: Bart Dierick
Date : From 23 to 28 August 2022
Place : 5100 Naninne (10 minutes from Namur)
Price in full board: 580 euros all included
Language English and Dutch

Welcome to our Silent Retreat in Naninne
We heartly welcome you to come to enjoy the natural environment, to leave the hastle of every day life, to find yourself in simplicity and sincerity in a meditative and
creative oasis :

Proposed schedule of our Silent Retreat :                

Practical information :

With: Bart Dierick and O-KI team
Dates: The weekend of Friday September 23 from 4 p.m. to Sunday September 25, 2022 at 5 p.m.
Residential price: 330 euros all inclusive
Address: Beautiful 18th century mansion with lots of charm, completely renovated and with all comforts. The manor is located in 5100 Naninne (Belgium), about ten minutes by car from Namur on the plateau overlooking the Meuse valley. It is surrounded by several meadows and large forests. It includes a large park, a large swimming pool and a small private wood. It has only one neighbor who raises horses. The surrounding nature is grandiose, many paths crisscross the region offering the leisure of great rejuvenating walks. There are many possibilities for visits in the neighboring villages, several of which are among the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, such as Mozet, Thon-Samson, Crupet, Falaën.
Language :   English, French, Dutch.
Phone: +32-4766-999.421 or +33-06-

Merkaba Meditation at the Belgian coast ( De Haan) :20 and 21 May 2023
In this workshop you will feel that your body still bears the memory of the Merkaba field that surrounds it and that can reach a diameter of 18 metres.  We can reactivate this field by strengthening, first the lower chakras, deep grounding, the application of the sacred geometry, and gradualy opening the heart chakra.  We then continue the expantion of the enrgy field and then openng the higher chacra’s to activate our spiritual heritage. We will follow the practice of the 17 Merkaba breathing techniques according to the tradition of Drunvalo Melchisedek.
Sacred geometry is a geometry of feeling and a universal language that awakens old ancestral knowledge in us.  It allows us to understand and integrate the wisdom of lost civilizations, the nature of colour and sound, the functioning of  living nature and of all other dimensions.
The practice of Merkaba thus accelerates our evolutionary process.  It gives us the possibility to stay centred during big changes in our lives.  Through Merkaba we can use our mind to enjoy creative feeling by replacing restrictive or destructive thoughts and thinking patterns.

Merkaba 1 at the Belgian coast (De Haan) :   
With: Bart Dierick, sharing 18 years of Merkaba practice.
Date : Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2023
Where: In De Haan, beautiful yoga space in a magnificient garden, only 3 km from the beach. 
Price 180 euro.