Shiatsu is an ideal way to destress and prevent illness. Shiatsu stimulates your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Shiatsu or acupressure is a traditional form of massage without the use of oil. Pressure is applied on the body, and often stretchings and relaxation techniques. In this way, the energystream in the energy-channels are reinforced or relaxed, according to the personal needs. Shiatsu promotes the self-healing forces which are inherent of every body.  

These energy-channels are called meridians, and the many acupoints are called tsubo. They are directly connected to the organs of the body; to their working, their energy level, and their connection to the emotional and mental activity of the person.

During the treatment, the person sits or lies on a futon, a thick Japanese cotton mat. Always dressed.

Shiatsu can help to give an effective answer to many symptoms. Even more, during our treatments we search for the underlying causes of the symptoms or problems. This often results in not only a possible release of the symptom but even a real breakthrough in one's Life itself.

Also on the emotional plane, problems like depression, fear, and all traumatism.  And, above all, let us not forget the base of shiatsu: the relaxing effect that helps always.
Shiatsu is the ancien art of Energetic Harmonisation. Shiatsu stimulates the circulation of energy to all body systems and helps the release of excess energy in all the body-cells, it enhances your energy-level and brightens your consciousness.


In O-KI Shiatsu, we work in 4 phases. 
In each step you hold the key to move on to the next :


First, we always work on the relaxational level to invite deep relaxation in the body and the mind.  This we call deep relaxing shiatsu. It is truly one of the greatest presents you can give to yourself ! 

In a second phase we can reach to a deeper level in the body and invite an acceptance in the mind. A voluntary acceptance to what is. To accept the present situation in the body. Acceptance is the prerequisite to be able to invoke change. The person will improve the contact with the own body, we call this grounding. It reinstalls the connection between body and awareness, mind, perception. It brings the attention inwardly, which is the only way to start true healing. Often people only become aware of their body when it hurts, it means that the mind is only oriented outwardly. In this phase we bring the attention and care, back to the own body, to the internal experience. A logic result is a rise in consciousness, and awareness of the inner potential.

The 3rd phase , with the permission of the person, is called " the letting go " phase. We let go of old patterns, beliefs, habits. both physical as emotional. The very body-cells carry the mental and emotional past and what is stored within, and it are the cells that let go. By releasing, we arrive at installing the living awareness in the body, the consciousness connected with the cells of the body. During this process we give unlimited support to the person.

In a fourth phase, we will experience a profound level of wellbeing, a deep inner peace, a connection within and often also simultaneously with the entire existence. Life is blossoming. Body and mind are aligned again with your purpose, with the Soul's aspiration. Then everything makes sense and you are connected to the Life Energy that holds all.​


Practical information​
A treatment takes 1 hour or 1,5 hours. After an intake and an verbal and visual observation, you can lay down on a futon, a Japanese tick and comfortable mat of pure organic coton. During the whole treatment you remain dressed, preferable in natural and wide clothing. A dressing room is at your disposal.

Languages : English, French, Dutch

Where : 2 practices : 1050 Ixelles and 1170 Watermael Boisfort

Who : Five O-KI Shiatsu practitioners are at your service.​

Relaxing & Revitalising Shiatsu
in case of
stress, fatigue, feeling of  « too much »​

EmoShiatsu & Decoding
in case of
dependance, disturbing emotions​

Structural Shiatsu & Regeneration
in case of
muscular/structural/articular problem

Purification & Detoxifying Shiatsu
in case of
acidity, “ civilisatose ”​

Shiatsu & Voice Therapy
in case of
blockages (respiratory, expression, action) 

Shiatsu & Cancer - Tumor
professional shiatsu coaching by our
practitioner who went through cancer himself​

Chair Shiatsu  
in case of
Problems  in the upper part of the body​

Shiatsu for Burn - Out
practical treatment and coaching by our team member who was healed from burnout 

Shiatsu for seniors
in case of
stress, pain, fatigue

Migraine, backproblems, tiredness, physical tension, loss of vitality or appetite, immunityproblems, painful menstruation, joint pains, all stress related issues, (constant) fatigue, digestif problems, insomnia, circulation problems,  neckpain, whiplash, allergie, astma. 

O-KI Shiatsu treatments

The 9 types of O-KI Shiatsu
The O-KI Group counts 5 Shiatsu facilitators and teachers, each with his/her own speciality. Thanks to the development and sharing of each one’s approach we have spontaneously developed the 9 types of O-KI Shiatsu. If it feels difficult to make a choice, or you want to work on different levels simultaniously, just contact us and together we find the perfect approach for you.

Any way, we always adjust our treatment, type of pressure applied and techniques, to your personal needs and wishes. 

Bart Dierick (°1965) founded O-KI Shiatsu and EmoShiatsu
and is director of the O-KI Shiatsu School, since 1998.

He studied relaxing, revitalising and regenerating Shiatsu in Europe.
Bart lived 9 years in Asia and Japan where he practiced Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Seiki, Reiki and Aikido with several teachers.

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