This full year Shiatsu Course can be followed as a course for beginners, to learn a new hobby and as a start of your own Shiatsu Professional Career. Ths course is organised by O-KI Shiatsu School. After completing this year and the requirements for the exam, you receive the O-KI Certificate Shiatsu Relaxation Practitioner.

Our vision for the 1st year: to re-explore and discover again your answer to the question 'what is Health'. How does a healthy body feels like? Because, we all have the strange habit of no-awareness, to notice the body only when something goes wrong, when there is pain. This year, we learn to feel, notice and sense our body even wehn all goes well, to regain again this absolute happiness to sense your body, to be connected with the body.

What will we do?
 We learn to relax, to allow ourself to relax. We sense what Health really means. We learn to be attentive to our ressources, and how to use them for your wellbeing. To experience the harmony of your entire energetic Being, to feel the connection of your physical body with your emotions, thoughts, and your spiritual existence. In short: to be present in the here and now of you physical manifestation.

This way our reference in our Life will be again : Health, Harmony, Force and Peace. Every class we invite you to realise this beautiful way of living.  

Our Mission:  O-KI Shiatsu works towards the realisation of a Conscious Presence in the Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body.

We are dedicated to offer you:



Our basic question : what is good for my spiritual and energetic evolution today ?  
To strenghten our Health and the growth of our Consciousness, we use the five pillers:



If you find yourself in the above, we wish you a warm welcome, to grow and share together! 


Practical information 

Structure:  In total 110 hours tuition, which are structured in 4 consecutive Modules.  

Reports: To help you in your practice, you are asked to establish 50 reports (50 treatments). They are checked and, if necessary, corrected; and you are given feedback in order to impove your shiatsu practice.

Exams: are not compulsory. There is a theoretical (written and oral) and practical test. The price is 100 euros. When you passed the exam with good result, and followed at least 85% of the classes, and finished with good result the 50 reports, you receive the O-KI Shiatsu School certification " O-KI Shiatsu Relaxation Practitioner ". 

Missed classes : classes you didn't attend can be followed next year, with a maximum of 5 classes for free. If you like to come for more then 5 classes, most welcome, the cost is 20 euros per class. 

Timing : Friday 6:30pm till 9:30pm & Saturday 9:30am till 4:30pm. 




Address:  Our beautiful Shiatsu hall lined with wooden floor: Avenue F. Roosevelt in 1050 Ixelles Brussels (near the Hippodrome of Boitsfort).

Information & Enrollment :   Phone/WhatsApp : +32476-999421



O-KI Shiatsu  Professional Training 
 1st Year : Relaxation and Well-Being

Professional Training
Next course from 13 January 2023 :


Shiatsu Training Course in 7 weekends + Module 4 as a residential week in Italie (or 12 evenings in Brussels). Starts every year in January and ends in June. Timing : Evening: 6:30pm till 9:30pm. Saturday 9:30am till 4:30pm.

Tuition is given in English and French, textbooks are available in 3 languages.


Module 1:  13-14 & 20-21 & 27-28 January and 3-4 March 2023

Module 2 :  17-18 March  2023

Module 3 :  21-22 April and 28-29 April 2023

Module  4 in Italie (Extra cost) :  from 16 till 23 May 2023

Module 4 in Brussels: (evenings 6:30-9:30 pm) 
17,18,19 April + 1,2,3 May + 12,13,14 June and WE 16-17 June 2023

Examen : Sunday 3 September 2023 from 10 am.


We also start a Training Course the 26 September 2022 (evening class) in French.

Next Basic course


Year Program :​ 
Module 1: