Our treatments Chair Shiatsu :
Shiatsu in sitting position on our special chair. 


Our Shiatsu massage in sitting position , or « Anma » , offers you a profound relaxation in just 15 to 60 minutes. It is a wellness , non-medical , massage technique; originating from shiatsu techniques. We use pressure points (acupuncture points called tsubo’s), stretchings, needing techniques and soft rhythmic movements : on the neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, back, lower back, sacrum and hips.


You sit very comfortable on our special shiatsu chair during the whole session. This massage is suitable for all, adults, children, and seniors. As you remain dressed, it is very accesible to all, you can come to our praxis, or we come at your place, or even with you in your office.


The O-KI Group counts several facilitators and therapists, each with his/her own speciality. Thanks to the development and sharing of each one’s approach we have spontaneously developed the 3 types of O-KI Chair Shiatsu. If it feels difficult to make a choice, or you want to work on different levels simultaniously, just contact us and together we find the perfect approach for you.

Any way, we always adjust our treatment, type of pressure applied and techniques, to your personal needs and wishes.


Our 3 types of O-KI Chair Shiatsu Massage :

Practical information :​ 

A treatment takes 15 to 30 minutes. After a verbal and visual observation, you take your time to sit down and pose your body on our special chair. During the whole treatment you remain dressed, preferable in natural and wide clothing. A dressing room is at your disposal.

Languages : English, French, Dutch, Italian, German

Where : Two practices in Brussels : 1050 Ixelles and 1170 Watermael Boitsfort

Who : 3 O-KI Chair Shiatsu practitioners are at your service 

When : Any time , but only by appointment​