Welcome to the site of O-KI  Centre for Relaxation and Body Therapies.


Therapeutic Centre for individual Treatments and School for Professional Courses inShiatsu   and  Cranio Sacral Auto Dynamics CSAD

Workshops and Courses in: Meditation, Voice Therapie, Energetic Coaching,  BodyMouvement,  Breathing and Pranayama,  Yoga,  Merkaba Meditation
in Brussels and in our Meditation Centre in the South of France.   



A warm welcome to O-KI : Centre for Body Therapies & Meditation


O-KI welcomes you
Cranio Sacral CSAD, O-KI Shiatsu , Shiatsu Anma , Foot Reflexology , Reiki and Yoga
Open House on 26 May 2018 : warm welcome !


Feel free to contact us for a free visit to our centre for more information,
a meeting with our team or a look at our programme and instruction manual


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O-KI ShiatsuIndividual Treatments:

- O-KI Shiatsu : Relaxation / Revitalisation / Regeneration

- EmoShiatsu created by Bart Dierick

- Shiatsu & Voice Therapy / Singing-classes +  Shiatsu Bodywork

- Therapeutic Shiatsu 

- Shiatsu and Decoding old patterns

- Reflexology

- Cranio Sacral Auto Dynamics CSAD: Relaxing / Therapeutical

- Reiki Radiance Coaching

- How to move the Body without effort / Correct Posture






Shiatsu Vouchers : a beautful gift: Vouchers for a Shiatsu , Reiki, Cranio Relaxation Treatment: A beautiful gift for your dearest friends.
Also available: Vouchers Shiatsu Basic Course  and 10 Yoga classes.    Easy to order by email of phone



Weekly Courses:  
Monday:  The Present Body
with Lu Marivoet   from 18.30 till 20h    

Tuesday:   Yoga Class with Nico from 12 noon till 13h.

Tuesday Once a month Transformational Yoga with Bart at 19h 

Thursday:  Soft Yoga Class with Karo from 19 till 20.30 h

Sunday once a month Sri Aurobindo Meditation with Bart


Shiatsu Initiation Courses


Shiatsu Year Course   


Reiki Radiance with Bart Dierick


Merkaba Meditation




O-KI    Email: o-ki@o-ki.be       Phone, Whatsapp, sms-texto: +32 476 999 421       Skype: shiatsucranio