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Cranio  Sacral  Therapy

The heart of our approach is the inner receptive Presence. We help you to reconnect with your own sensorial perception and your inner world. During a session, your body and mind can relax and reconnect again with your inner ressources.



O-KI Shiatsu

The 9 types of O-KI Shiatsu with their typical soft approach of the person, work on the 3 levels of Being. It's unique " leaning touch “ allows a profound  harmonisation of the energetic axes and acupressure points of the person.

Yoga - Meditation - Merkaba

Stress, rigidity, cramps? Take your health in your own hands by participating our weekly courses: 
Qi Gong, Stretchings, Yoga, Meditation. Enjoy also our monthly Sri Aurobindo Meditation and the Transformation Yoga with Bart. 

Chair Shiatsu

A real holiday - moment in your daily life ! While you are seated in a relaxed position on our therapeutical shiatsu-chair, you receive a relaxing and revitalizing  treatment.  In our praxis, at home or in your office.


Discover your inner peace , find your balance and natural wellbeing by pampering your feet ! Our foot reflexologist proposes you our harmonising treatment, based on the insights of Chinese medecine and the 5 elements.  Basic Training Course with Bart

Reiki Radiance

We propose you our Reiki sessions and training on an individual basis, since 1996. We learn to open for an energy that is larger and more conscious then our present state. We can realise a more authentic life, in harmony with our inner world. 


- Yoga for the Eyes

- Shiatsu in case of cancer

- Shiatsu in case of Burn Out

Highlights : 

Individual treatments : Shiatsu

Training Course Chair Shiatsu : 10-11-12 JAN

Merkaba Meditation : 6-7-8 DEC

Tree Hugging : Thursday and Sunday

Shiatsu basic course : 12-13-14 NOV

Shiatsu Professional Course : 10 JAN - 8 JUNE

Voice Shiatsu: 12-13 NOV

Yoga in South India: February 22 

The O-KI Team

Martine Hoerée 

Founder and Direcor

of the School for Cranio Sacral Auto Dynamics CSAD

Bart  Dierick

Founder and Director of O-KI
and of the O-KI Shiatsu School

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