During this workshop we will meditate, use visualizations and sensing, and work with the sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, gandharva tonalities, the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and quantum consciousness.

The Merkaba is an energetic field that moves at a very high speed and promotes your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development.

In this workshop we will feel that our body still bears the memory of the Merkaba field that surrounds it and that can reach a diameter of 18 metres.  We can reactivate this field by strengthening the lower chakras, deep grounding, the application of the sacred geometry, and the opening of the heart chakra.  We will follow the practice of the 17 Merkaba breathing techniques according to the tradition of Drunvalo Melchisedek.

Sacred geometry is a geometry of feeling and a universal language that awakens old ancestral knowledge in us.  It allows us to understand and integrate the wisdom of lost civilizations, the nature of colour and sound, the functioning of  living nature and of all other dimensions.

 The practice of Merkaba thus accelerates our evolutionary process.  It gives us the possibility to stay centred during big changes in our lives.  Through Merkaba we can use our mind to enjoy creative feeling by replacing restrictive or destructive thoughts and thinking patterns.






​Practical information : 


Merkaba 1 Brussels : Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 AUGUST (10 am - 40 pm) in Ixelles & the forest 'de Soignes'! Price 160€

Merkaba 1 at the Belgian coast (De Haan) :    Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September. Just 3 km from the beach. Price 180 euro.

Merkaba 2 Dodecaeder Energy Field : Friday 21 (6:30-9:30 pm) & Saturday 22 October (10am-4:30pm) 2022. Price: 160 euros.

Rehearsal Merkaba 2 : Sunday 20 November (7-8:30 pm) (10 euros).

Place: Next to the beautiful forest at the Avenue Franklin Roosevelt in Ixelles 1050 Brussels. 

With: Bart Dierick has reactivated the Merkaba,  with great gratitude towards his teachers Maurice Eeraerts (Belgium and Egypt) and Drunvalo Melchisedek (Canada, USA).  Bart practises the Merkaba since 2003.  He had numerous energetic experiences; in the deserts of Arizona, India, Egypt, Iran and Australia, in the Pyramids in Egypt, as a sanyasin in many ashrams in India, in Germany at the Waldorf Hogeschüle, as a Buddhist Therravada monk in Thailand, on many active vulcanos and during a particular stay in Tibet. Bart is Reikimaster, trained by Mrs Yabuki in Japan. Bart also organizes his yearly energetic yoga retreat in India.  Meditation, sensing and working in electromagnetic fields is a daily practice. Bart gladly invites you to realize your potential through the reactivation of your own electromagnetic Merkaba field.

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